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Project Manager

Lorena Garcia

Innovation and Technology Management

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Curriculum Vitae:

Lorena Garcia holds a bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering from National University of Colombia.  In 2015, after working for four years in the Colombian industry, Lorena decided to embark on a Master’s degree in Innovation and Technology Management at University of Bath, UK.

During her Master’s studies, Miss. Garcia strengthened her knowledge of sustainable innovation and performed research on the Circular Economy (CE) tailored to emerging countries with a dissertation titled: ‘Circular Economy in the Context of Low and Middle Income Countries: Assessment of the Circular Economy Transition Readiness in Colombia’. This research explored the opportunities and challenges to transition towards a CE in Colombia given its specific circumstances such as development gaps in infrastructure and a large informal sector involved in recycling.  

Lorena is very keen to continue researching and supporting the CE in the American continent because she believes this is a great opportunity to achieve a suitable development path for our region.  She is fluent in Spanish and English.

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