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ASDF through its Circular Economy Platform of the Americas joins the international Circular Economy Club

Lorena Garcia | May 2017


ASDF is pleased to announce that on May 5th, 2017, the Circular Economy Platform of the Americas (CEP-Americas) has been featured by the Circular Economy Club (CEC) as a pioneering initiative that empowers Circular Economy across the Americas. 











CEC is known as an international convening platform headquartered in London, UK, and serves as an events and networking platform of Circular Economy professionals across the globe. CEC’s philosophy is highly aligned to our values of spurring collaboration and working in synergy to have a higher impact.


ASDF in its pursuit of linking people, ideas and action toward sustainable development in the American continent, launched in the summer of 2016 CEP-Americas. CEP-Americas is a platform to enable, expand, and scale-up a Circular Economy in the Western Hemisphere and looks for articulating a regional strategy towards sustainable development based on Circular Economy principles.

The alliance between the Circular Economy Club and CEP-Americas will strengthen all the ongoing efforts to transition toward circular economies in the American continent and will give global visibility to the Circular Economy developments in the Americas.


As founding members of the Circular Economy Platform of the Americas (CEP-Americas), ASDF, MBDC and Ideia Circular are committed to engaging with like-minded individuals and organizations to explore, identify, and realize innovative solutions inspired by the Circular Economy principles to address the different sustainability challenges of the nations in the American Continent. For more information about the Circular Economy Platform of the Americas, please visit:

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