The Deep Sea Water Industry


The central idea behind this ASDF Program is to find the optimal use of cold waters that originate from deep ocean depths for cooling purposes using a system that pumps water from multiple kilometers deep to the surface. This cold water provides the opportunity to cool a large number of residential and commercial buildings in a cost-effective manner that is friendly to the environment. In addition, after fulfilling the purpose of cooling, the so-called Deep-Sea Water (DSW) can be used for various industrial aquatic land purposes.

Access to fresh, clean, and affordable water, energy, and food on island states and coastal regions is increasingly becoming a challenge across the globe. This can be solved by simply observing and realizing that the ocean that surrounds your island or coastal region is the potential source of the solution to all these challenges. Imagine developing a new economic pillar that can help your island or coastal region overcome the need to provide these basic needs through a circular and sustainable economic industry or sector.

Many island nations and coastal regions in the Caribbean and Central America are confronted with significant sustainable development challenges, as their economies are mainly based on the premise of a continuously expanding tourism sector, electricity generation and transport that are mainly or completely reliant on expensive fossil fuels, limited agricultural activities and increasing or full dependency on food imports, as well as limited access to natural fresh water sources and expensive water treatment, small scale fishing industries affected by global fish decline, brain drainage due to lack of attractive, progressive and innovating economic activities, among other. These are significant challenges to guarantee a good livelihood for the island and coastal communities and their sustainable development.

Recognizing these sustainable development challenges, the business community in Caribbean and Central American islands and coastal regions are in a unique position to serve as a key enablers to address these challenges by seriously engaging in the exploration and exploitation of the ocean resources. One very attractive market opportunity, is creating primary and secondary productive activities from Deep Sea Water (DSW) pumped to the shores and use this resource in a sustainable manner creating added value in through a Deep-Sea Water Industry as part of a circular island or coastal economy, while making a profit.


To enable these results, a series of studies must be conducted to ensure that everything is done safely and with a positive effect on people, the planet and the profits. After that, engineering and construction are required, followed by the operation of the facilities. The knowledge gathered can be optimized and exported to other islands and coastal areas of the Americas. This will create high-level jobs, promote new sustainable industries and increase export potential, while improving the coastal and marine environment.


ASDF is committed to being a proactive actor in this field and contributing to the development of knowledge, skills and information necessary for decision making in this area.

Download: White Paper "The Deep-Sea Water Industry Potential in the Caribbean (March 2018).

Program Facts:
Deep Sea Water Industry




  • Evaluate the feasibility of district cooling systems that use deep sea water and ocean thermal energy conversion systems in islands and coastal regions of the Caribbean and Central America; and 

  • Explore the possibility of developing Deep Sea Water Industries in the region.

  • Financing of research for the potential applications of cold deep-sea water for productive uses;

  • Determine the quality of the effluent and effect on the area where it flows back to the ocean;

  • The need to build technical capabilities; and 

  • Determine necessary investments to achieve a functioning system.

  • ​Aruba - SWAC;

  • Ecopower International


  • Local companies that will develop the technical infrastructure and future commercial platform


  • General awareness raising;

  • Conduct feasibility studies;

  • Develop business plans (investigate technical and economic aspects); and 

  • Carry out socio-environmental impact assessments.


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