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The Americas Sustainable Development Foundation understands the need to revisit the fundamentals of our life support system. As human beings, we ought to recognize that the economy is subject to the society, and that the society is in turn dependent on the ecology that provides the basic life support, such as fresh air, water, food, energy and other natural resources that allow for us to survive and thrive on planet Earth.


ASDF aims to achieve sustainable development by helping communities throughout the Americas to promote and adopt responsible air, water, energy, food, and material extraction, production, use, and management and find practical solutions to satisfy human socio-economic needs in harmony with the environment. 


ASDF uses the Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Agenda as the guiding framework for the work it does. It therefore adopts sustainable development as the organizing principle for cooperation. In this definition sustainable development encompasses economic development, social inclusion, as well as environmental sustainability. This framework calls for a holistic view and an integrated approach to achieve sustainable development throughout the Americas.

Clean air is fundamental to the survival of mankind on Earth. The green leaves on trees and micro-organisms capable of performing photosynthesis are essential to maintaining sufficient levels of oxygen in the atmosphere ....


Access to clean and potable drinking water is crucial for basic health and survival of communities. ASDF focuses on assessing the water balance of a village, municipality, city, or country to identify challenges and opportunities on how to ...


Access to fresh and healthy food is increasingly in demand where humans realize the importance of maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle. This is not set aside for all people in the Americas, where access to affordable fresh and ...

Energy is an indispensable source for development in the modern society we live in. Energy is used for all day-to-day needs and services on which the economy and society depends ...


Rural and urban communities across the Americas are highly dependent on imported products to satisfy the communities’ needs in the daily life. Nowhere is this issue more pressing than in island nations. The unsustainable use and ...



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