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Our activities are organized on the basis of providing innovative practical solutions to key air, water, food, energy, and material management challenges to improve the livelihoods of citizens across the Americas.


We aim to share knowledge and best practices across borders. In line with our mission, we focus our efforts on providing assistance to communities, businesses, governments, and like-minded organizations in the following areas:

Independent Advisory

ASDF dedicates effort to assist companies, and organizations that require guidance in maneuvering existing regulatory frameworks in countries in the Americas to access financing, secure permits, or bring about project development that ...

Data & Information Management

A key challenge facing the Americas is the lack of available data and analytical capacity regarding environmental conditions and sustainability indicators. ASDF is dedicated to addressing this challenge through information gathering ...

Research & Development

One of ASDF’s key missions is to enable, facilitate and promote research and development (R&D) in sustainable and innovative ideas across the Americas ...

Training & Education

ASDF recognizes education as a key part of its mission. There are currently major differences in education between countries in the Americas when it comes to sustainable development strides and technologies. With this in mind, ASDF works to  ...

Outreach & Awareness Raising

Awareness raising is a critical component of ASDF’s work. Increased awareness through effective outreach leads to an informed citizenry that is empowered to make responsible decisions for their communities ...

Innovation & Design

Facilitating innovation through eco-intelligent design and establishing sustainable products and services can help companies throughout the Americas become more productive, competitive, and profitable ...

Business Development

The Americas hosts a wealth of untapped potential with regards to its people. The region is home to a generation of young entrepreneurs with significant capacity and creativity that require dedicated support to empower them to become  ...


Regional and international sustainable development projects greatly benefit from Public-Private-Partnerships, as they lead to effective implementation, sharing ownership, and long term sustainability ...


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