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Project Manager

Soraya Hamawi MSc.

Innovation Management Specialist

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Curriculum Vitae:

Soraya Hamawi is a Project Manager at ASDF with an extensive background in innovation and research & Development (R&D) management of ocean energy technologies for sustainable development.

Before joining ASDF, Soraya worked for over 6 years at the Wave Energy Center (WavEC) in Lisbon, Portugal and brings a wealth of hands-on experience and insights regarding innovation and R&D management, and opportunities in the field of ocean energy technology applications suitable to many locations around the American continent. Soraya has implemented different projects to stimulate innovation in the ocean energy sector. She also has focused on value chain creation, industrial policies, and public participation in the field of ocean energies.

Soraya holds a master’s degree in Science and Innovation Management at the Utrecht University in the Netherlands. She has also followed courses in project management, entrepreneurship, and innovation management at the Catholic School of Business and Economics in Lisbon.

She is fluent in Dutch, English, Spanish, Papiamento, and Portuguese, with a basic knowledge of French and Arabic.

Soraya is committed to help develop and apply innovative and sustainable solutions to the benefit of communities throughout the Americas.

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