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Environmental Observatory


A group of radio amateurs is developing a project in conjunction with the University of Aruba to set-up a network of antennas on Aruba to receive satellite information. The idea is to develop the network of antennas into a network that can also monitor climate change. This will require highly skilled engineers to gather environmental data, increasing the insight into Aruba’s current status and development. The satellite information can later also be used to benefit the ICT and television sectors.

Project Facts:
Environmental Observatory





IPA development for antenna stations is currently been built.

  • What technical development is required to create an observatory

  • Which possibilities do these observatories provide

  • IPA, Instituto Pedagogico Arubano

  • Setar N.V.

  • Feasibility study

  • Business plan

In addition, the knowledge required to modify the stations into environmental observatories can be exported to other islands as well. This can be done through the stations themselves, and also by exporting the skilled workforce necessary to set it up.


  • Phase 1: Develop antenna park with IPA – antennas are bought and are being placed

  • Phase 2: ASDF can support IPA with funding and therefore research and data opportunities.


At this stage, additional equipment is required to create the climate-observatories. Our goal is to establish a public database with information on the building and use of these stations. This data can be used for policymaking, as well sharing and further building on the knowledge base related to the set-up these stations. The data can also be used to measure the correlation between development and environmental events. This data will contribute to the NOAA – database and allows cooperation potential.


The system will in the end support for example spatial development, Environmental Impact Studies, and policy making. Potential partners also include the providers of mobile networks that are looking for strengthen their networks.

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