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Training & Education

ASDF recognizes education as a key part of its mission. There are currently major differences in education between countries in the Americas when it comes to sustainable development strides and technologies. With this in mind, ASDF works to bridge that gap by providing training and education that will enable the sharing of best practices and the furtherance of innovation. 


ASDF engages in trainings on its various focus themes for a wide range of audiences including, but not limited to: professionals in the field of sustainable development, policy makers, academics, students, private sector representatives, civil society groups, and private individuals.


The training and education programs are developed with an aim to share knowledge on the innovation that is already ongoing, and to create the infrastructure to stimulate participants to further build upon that knowledge. Part of this infrastructure includes fostering collaboration by connecting those working on issues related to sustainable development in the region with each other in an engaging way.

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